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Drama Time at Our Lady of Lourdes

PS (Park Lodge) has been a great success.

Every term has been extremely popular with

waiting lists for classes. The children really

enjoy the sessions and the end of term

performances have been brilliant, I would

have no hesitation in recommending

Drama Time.’

C McQuaid, After-school co-ordinator,

Park Lodge PS, Belfast.

‘Drama Time has been a wonderful addition to our after-school programme. Our teachers have noticed the positive effect it has had on the children. We have noticed an improvement in confidence and social skills, especially those who are shy. The Drama Time teachers have very positive relationships with the children and those in the groups always seem to be having fun.

I would recommend Drama Time as a great addition to any after schools programme.’

E. Donaghy, After-school co-ordinator, Rosetta PS, Belfast.

After School Classes

What are they?

A bespoke after school drama programme, which caters for all pupils, with age appropriate activities and projects. Drama Time is taught by professional actors and experienced drama facilitators and will be offered in the safety and convenience of your school. 

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Our after school programme is

resuming in all schools this term.

Start dates tbc.


For more information on our

After School Classes or any

Drama Time workshop please call 07533342538 or email info@dramatime.co.uk